Thursday, November 26, 2009

8 – Lil’ Leo’s late night stories or how to wrench your ankle

What a dilemma! I feel the time has come to keep me promise and finally give you a truthful account on Tana’s night life..and yet I’m dying to introduce you to “La Brousse”, the picturesque provinces around the capital. Hmmmmmm….due to the fact that the wrenched ankle has had its impact on some of the outta-town ventures, I guess the story of how it came to be in the first place – and the keeping of my promise – prevail :D
Well then, here we go..nightlife in the capital, and the fundamental question: What to do on a lazy evening such as Friday…or Thursday…or Wednesday…..or yet even Tuuuuuesday (?!! – for the weekend starts early in Tana’s expat bubble) I personally try to get a good night’s sleep on the latter three occasions – but that’s only me adhering to a minority it appears, for the music echoing through the night by Thursday the latest is harshly disputing my opinion - oh, and our neighbor’s rooster, starting to train for “StarAcademy ” at around 4 in the morning, doesn’t seem to share my preferences for sleep neither ;p
But then again, I’m living in one of Tana’s “hot spots”, an “it-place”, an “in-district”…so after all I really shouldn’t complain about the opportunities to enjoy myself after 6pm, now should I?

Main Body:
To be continued…. ;p I know I know….I’ll get there eventually – just gotta run’s Thursday evening and night life is calling :D

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