Tuesday, November 17, 2009

7 – To Life….to happiness

Life changes – both you and itself….and mine, it seems, is not merely floating like the often quoted stream, but it’s spinning....whirling around so I wouldn’t always know when to stop and when to possibly catch my breath.
Right now I am happy – simply exhilaratingly happy..I have, for that matter, never been quite able to see the trouble of paranoia associated with the recurring saying “it couldn’t get any better”….it’s a simple question to ask, for why would I worry to fail in holding on to something as ephemeral as luck and happiness? What chance lies there in catching thin air with a sieve? Ambiguous beings they are, fragile and delicate - and yet….so powerful, so fierce at times.
One should not try to delay their parting..nor mourn about it, for how could we hope to meet again without a goodbye. Instead I may content myself to simply enjoy happiness the moment is chooses to grace my days and honor its presence with a smile and wholehearted laughter.
And so my decision has been taken – has been taken many years ago already….a decision to follow another path where hospitality shall be my virtue whenever happiness crosses my way.…with open arms and open eyes shall I welcome it in its many disguises, and at this offer it the truest of amities.
Yet never shall I endeavor to stall my friend, to bind what can’t be bound….for surely we both need to breathe.
But what is all that silly talk about leaving? – For now….for now I am happy – simply, exhilaratingly happy.

Happiness....how come so many of us are blind to your essence and yet treasure you with so absurd an intensity?

Happiness according to Word 2007 ;p contentment/ pleasure/ gladness/ cheerfulness/ joy/ glee/ bliss/ delight/ exhilaration/ ecstasy
....and of course I fear losing it - like everybody else. And it hurts.

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