Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waking up to a new life – the first day in ‘Tana

Good morning middle-eastsiders…Tana Girl here, your one and only source into the adventurous lifes of Malagasy’n expats. And what a nice morning it was – bright and shiny with this wonderfully blue colored sky and a grinning sun :D Way to start a new life, I though, took a shower, bounced down the stairs and magically metamorphosed into a lemur! Ok, probably it wasn’t quite like was a wonderful morning though, only that I turned around in bed again after a quick telephonic exchange with by boss – “yes, I had a good flight, the hotel is great…and the bed in my room unmatched in perfection…whether I could enjoy it some more” – to fall asleep again for another 2-3 hours.

Ok, after the second, and eventually successful try to get up I proceeded as told – no lemurs though – and met with Elza, one of the 2 (now 3) Germans in AccesBanque MG to get a tour of local headquarter. Any comments? NICE! Seriously! It’s a wonderful building with 3 stories and a maze-like interior structure, very need – and stuffed with amazingly nice co-workers whose names I still have a hard time remembering. “Why” you might ask yourself..well, they are truly beautiful (the names – remarks about the local phenotype might follow in a bit), but sooooooo long and yet somewhat unfamiliar. But I’m getting there. People who know me certainly remember my passion for languages J Certainly those of you who do will find it no big surprise that in that sense I’m having a blast.

…to be continued

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