Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second entry – another week later.

After the preliminary comments on “how to travel” I shall now proceed to a more detailed description of the “how to be upon arrival”. First of all, you are supposed to be sleepy – check, august 2, 11:45pm, ‘Tana airport: after a total traveling time of over 18 hours little Leo was more than ready to change into a horizontal position and welcome Morpheus’s lasting embrace for the next couple of hours minimum. Then again, what would the world be without airport security? – exactly, such a dull place..that’s why we – and with “we” I mean the absolutely amazing number of fellow passengers (who would have guessed a flight to Mada could get so crowded?) – spent another good hour swinging back and forth between the immigration office and the baggage claim.

What a surprise to find the number of travelers easily exceeded by the masses of people waiting outside the airport to “embosom” their loved ones. At 1am in the morning the size of the welcome committee left me kind a speechless – aaaand…a tiny bit worried I wouldn’t find whoever was waiting for me. Eventually, I spotted a sign with my name on and now that all major uncertainties were covered, I felt a wave of fatigue wash through me almost instantaneously.

The ride from the airport to the hotel took probably another half an hour…quite mostly as the lack of significant street lighting prevented much of the potential comments that could be made during daylight.

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