Saturday, May 29, 2010

10 – Changes, amendments, improvements

I seem to be running in circles, repeating over and over again that life changes all the time – but matter-of-factly it does and so I conclude: better expect the unexpected.
Considering the fact that it’s been a (considerable) while since I’ve launched any witty remark onto this page, I believe it to be all but surprising that some changes may in fact have occurred in my life and the lives of quite a few people I hold very dear. First things first: I’d like to note that I am truly thrilled by the fact that the Edwards/Sullivan/Nakigane clan is constantly growing is size AND loveliness! Well done everybody – and be rewarded with the knowledge that you make it extremely hard for me to resist the urge to come and see you right away!

What else happened lately?
Well, right now I am not moving to another country – neither to Liberia nor Nigeria. As a matter of fact I am about to stay in (or on) Madagascar (I never quite know when it comes to the correct choice of proposition ;p – and perhaps I should rephrase the “fact” as a “plan” until I have actually found another job that would allow me to stay on my beloved island) any case, a big adventure for little Leo, for it means I’d be about to settle down least for a bit ;) It means staying in one and the same place for a little longer than the average 6 months I have come to know as my recurring time pattern (Halbwertzeit)! But surprise! This thought – id est the one about not leaving the very moment things actually seem to be falling into place – has been welcome for quite a while…up till now, it’s implementation hadn’t proven all that feasible though.

..another 3 months later:
Well, even now I am not moving to another country – neither to Liberia nor Nigeria ;p least not in the mid or long term. True true, I have been paying a couple of visits to a number of old (and new) friends in the meantime, touching ground in France, Germany, Croatia and Mozambique ;) but I feel that my heart belongs to Madagascar..beautiful, enchanting Madagascar which offered me a feeling of “home sweet home” right from the start.
Now that I’ve actually signed all the paperwork for my new job – and as a matter of fact already started to operate again in the field!! oh oh, aaaaaand liking it an awful lot for I continue in my favorite branch: microfinance – I think I can stop dreaming about temporarily settling down..I think I’m just doing it – right now!! Sweet!
Truth be told there are of course a couple of intriguing ideas which may relate to a time after Madagascar – ever heard of Costa Rica..or the Moon? ;) – but they are about as feasible as the dessert you might be planning on having for Christmas Eve while enjoying – to the fullest – your delicious Fondant au Chocolat on Easter Sunday!

Long story short – I love my Fondant au Chocolat! Life is good to me… :D Job: check. Feeling at home: check. Love: double-check ;p 

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